Freer than Free Range
Open Range Eggs

The KISSel family and hens of Kamarooka RUN are producing nutritious tasty Open Range eggs as part of their Regenerative Farm Management System.
The hens are an integral part of regenerating and building carbon and nutrients back into the farm.
They ‘deposit’ and incorporate theirs and the sheep and cattle's ‘deposits’ back into the paddocks as a natural fertilizer.
As they scratch and forage they also help to blend in the compost we apply each year over the entire farm.

Our KEY to finding the balance and benefits for both our hens and paddocks are low stocking densities and to move our deluxe mobile hen homes to a new shady spot every few days.

This KEY also guarantees a quality tasty freer the Free Range ~ Open Range Egg.


Hatching a new plan

We're super excited to have been featured on the front page of the Hamilton Spectator on Tuesday the 24th May 2016.

It's exciting to see such a great response to our regenerative farming practices, and the story behind our nutritious & delicious eggs.

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