Our REgenerative practices


We are always looking for better ways than the traditional “conventional” way of farming. Brett has trained and specialises in Techno rotational grazing and has done so for the last 20 years. He is constantly monitoring and balancing feed requirement for livestock health with ground cover and spelling pastures to REtain soil carbon.


We are sewing in a more “saladbowl” selection of grasses that are better suited to our soil type and weather conditions.


Soil tests are taken every three years giving us a scientific approach to balancing and REturning much needed nutrients and organic matter back into our soils. Humified compost locally produced by a fellow innovative farmer is spread over the entire farm every year.

REsearch and REbuild

The soil is very complex, as is the health of our livestock, and as we farm sustainably we always consider the three aspects of the soil. The Structure, the Chemistry and the Microboilical life. Our daily decisions on the farm involve what impact we are making, good and bad, on these three aspects. The internet is an amazing REsource that we can use to cross reference any of advice we are given as well as keeping us at the for front of the new information

What is REgenerative Farming?

REgenerative agriculture is a sub-sector practice of organic farming designed to build soil health or to regenerate unhealthy soils.
The practices associated with regenerative agriculture are those identified with other approaches to organic farming, including maintaining a high percentage of organic matter in soils, minimum tillage, biodiversity, composting, mulching, crop rotation, cover crops, and green manures.